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Life Will Have its Way

The lives of two women behind the Iron Curtain take an unexpected turn when they discover a young girl in the garden outside their building. Determined to prevent her from being placed in an orphanage, they must keep her hidden from authorities while they try to figure out where she came from.

Their efforts are greatly complicated by a vindictive police officer and intrusive neighbors along with the girl herself, who offers little to explain what she’s doing alone in the city. As their adventure unfolds, the women soon discover that the girl’s presence will lead to events that are certain to alter their future and challenge their perceptions of life and fate.

‘Life Will Have its Way’, a fiction eBook on Kindle.

About the Author
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Angie Myers Lewtschuk

Life Will Have its Way was inspired by a very realistic dream in which I discovered a small, dirt covered, little girl dressed in clothes from the 40′s hiding under a sewer grate. The idea stuck with me for a number of years until I finally decided it wouldn’t go away until I did something with it.

The book evolved over a period of about 1 year, although to be honest it was shelved several times while plot holes and story lines were resolved and expanded.


Modern History, especially World War 2 and the Cold War, Alexander Solzhenitzyn, Vasily Grossman’s Life and Fate, A Woman in Berlin, Eugenia Ginzburg’s Journey into the Whirlwind. Everything is Illuminated. The Garden of the Beasts, Berlin Embassy


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